Letter 6: Live under His Smile

My Son,


Live each day under the shining light of your heavenly Father’s adoring smile! God likes you and wants you to know how much he cares for you. He is the Father of Lights and there is absolutely no darkness in him. He is love himself and he is your true Father. I myself am full of love for you, my child, and I am an imperfect man. How much more does your heavenly Father love you? you were created out of love and for love.

I’ve come across many people in life who think that God hates them or is vehemently angry with them. Those people rarely refer to God as their Father and they certainly don’t remember that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, suffered and died that he might bring them into the sheepfold of the Father. Others are so plagued by their own inadequacies, compounded by a low self-esteem that they can’t imagine anyone loving them, let alone a perfect God. I, too, am tempted to think this way and get really down on myself when I sin or make a mistake. Whenever these thoughts appear, I close my eyes and imagine the Father opening his arms to welcome me, his prodigal son, back into his warm embrace. I picture God hugging me, smiling at me, and whispering, “I love you, buddy.” This has greatly aided my relationship with God. Every day, I want you to picture the Father smiling at you and whispering words of love into your ear.

Don’t get me wrong, God does hate sin, and hates it when you sin. Sin corrupts you and causes a “distance” to form in your relationship with him. I say “distance” because it’s not as though God leaves your side, but rather that sin causes you to look inward at your own shame. Instead of condemning yourself and becoming self-absorbed (which only compounds sin and guilt), repent and ask God to forgive you. To repent is to turn in heart and action back to God. Turn away from yourself and look into his beautiful eyes of love. Let his grace wash over you. In this way, you will start anew in your path toward holiness.

God likes you, is proud of you, and smiles upon you. You are a cherished one of God. Do you sense that? Do you feel that love? Are you experiencing his tender care for you? Remind yourself daily of his smile, and you will become so lost in his love that the world and all its corruption will fade away. You are so beloved, my child.




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