Letter 37: Avoid Checking Work Emails after Work

My Son,


Workaholism is a dangerous sickness that must be avoided. Rhythm, rest, and balance are vital components in a well-lived life. I don’t want you to get suckered into the rat race of life and fall into the unending obsession with work. One simple rule to follow in order to avoid this snare is committing to not check work emails after work. Nearly every time I’ve glanced at an email from work on the weekends or after hours during the week I end up regretting that decision. When you see that you have a work email and decide just to take a quick look at it, you will find yourself engrossed in work for another hour or two. Your mind will start veering back into your work life and you won’t be able to rest until you have all the issues resolved. This lack of rest can easily be fixed by simply waiting until the next day to check those emails.

Do you think you are so important that unless you respond immediately to your emails all will fall apart? If so, then you need to wake up from that prideful stupor and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. I say this to your benefit. If you get caught in the trap of checking emails at all times, then you may quickly get burnt out. When you are able to create boundaries for yourself and rest from work, truly rest, then you are sustaining your ability to work for the long haul. Do not compromise your longevity for the short term. When you are at work, then work 110% for the glory of God. When you are not at work, enjoy resting in God and spending time with friends and family. Work hard and rest well, my son.




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