Letter 36: Beware of the News


My Son,


I’m not saying that you should never watch the news on TV, but that you should beware of watching the news. There may be times when it is appropriate to watch or listen to the news in order to stay informed, but for the most part you can stay informed of the necessary information through word of mouth (and then check into the facts later).

Why am I telling you to beware of the news? Because I have seen how people act when they are absorbed in the news. They seem angry, bitter, scared, prejudiced, hateful, and altogether fleshly. I have yet to see the positive fruit of the Spirit being produced as a result of watching the news. Why is this? The news is rarely positive (though if it is positive it is usually something completely irrelevant and a waste of time anyway). The news is filled with grotesque facts of the latest murders or obscenities. News turns into arguments between two opposing parties rather than a respectful dialogue. News is biased, sensational, and rarely communicates the information you actually need to know in order to be aware of the sufferings of the world.

I’m sure there are some people out there who are trying to change the status quo with the news networks, so this is not meant to undermine what they are doing. I merely want you to be cognizant of the type of inputs you are receiving on a daily basis. If watching the news will help you abide in Christ and live a life of love, then go for it. Just be careful not to get entangled into the negative aspects of the news. Be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil (Romans 16:19).




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