Letter 29: The Pond and the Gathering

My Son,


Our relationship with Christ must be personal and communal. As I’ve mentioned before, there was a time in my life, when instead of going to a church service on Sundays, I would spend time with Jesus at a pond. It was actually a great time with God and a necessary step in my spiritual journey. I did this for about a year, until the Lord started speaking to me of the importance of gathering with other believers in a worship context. It was an older friend and mentor who really convicted me of this and I’m thankful because our lives with Jesus are meant to be shared.

When Jesus came and started his ministry, he gathered twelve disciples and lived in community with them. He also had times where he would retreat by himself and pray to the Father. In our lives, we need “the pond” and “the gathering”; we need time alone with God and time with others with God. This is a simple message, but vitally important to your spiritual health. I encourage you to spend plenty of time alone with God out in the nature he created, and also to share in the blessedness that comes from encouraging others along the journey and sharing in the Eucharistic feast together.

God is not just saving individuals, but is gathering a people unto himself; namely his Church. May God refresh you in your private time with him, and may he embolden you with charity in your time with others. In all things, abide in him.




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