Letter 3: Finiteness

My Son,


There are many things in life that are finite, and I’ve only begun to think of such things. In every movie there are a finite number of words spoken, a finite number of scenes, a finite amount of background music, and a finite amount of time to the movie. With all these finite elements combined, what truly separates one movie from another in its greatness? Would changing one sentence there and another word here make the movie greater than it was before?

A book is composed of a finite number of words and sentences. What separates the good books from the great books? Which words and sentences truly direct the story to its meaningful conclusion? It is the fact that each story has an end that makes every word matter. Every chapter, every sentence, every word is significant to make the story great. Two distinct books can have the exact same number of pages, but the words can be composed in such a way that one is a science fiction book and the other is an historical biography. One could be trash and the other could be a bestseller.

I apologize for rambling, my son. Perhaps you can develop these thoughts further. Perhaps you could use the right amount of words arranged in the exact order that would make your thoughts on the topic of “finiteness” much greater than my own. Perhaps your synthesis could be legendary.

There isn’t much separating you from being a legend, my son. After all, both you and the great saints of old have something in common: a finite number of breaths, words, and actions. When you meditate on this finite reality two things will happen: every moment will become precious to you, and the playing field of life will feel more level. Every breath you take matters, so don’t waste them. Every word you speak has the potential to change the world, so do not partake in foolish blabbering. Every action you do can manifest your love for God and neighbor, so act wisely.

The playing field of life is level. We all have a finiteness to our lives. Some will ignore this fact and go on living carelessly. You, my child, must embrace this fact. Because of this reality, God’s judgment of your life will be measurable, specific, and just. There are only a handful of words you will have said and actions you will have done before you stand before him on Judgment Day. Make them count! Let your finite life be enveloped in the arms of our infinite God and your story will radiate the eternal.




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