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What to Expect

My book “Thoughts of a Changed Mind” is now available. This website is dedicated to that book. I will be releasing chapters through this forum. Thanks for exploring!

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My Son,

 As you enter into adulthood, you will experience much change in your life. I have embarked on writing these letters to you in the hope of passing on the thoughts that have been most transformative to my life. The thoughts are wide and varied, but find their center in Jesus Christ. Since God is over all, through all, and in all, there is nothing in life that cannot be drawn back to him and his glorious nature.

God has walked with me for many years, leading me from that day in first grade when I first recognized him in my life, to when I saw a skit of the crucifixion at a summer camp and re-dedicated my life to Christ, to high school and college where many friends walked closely with me through joyful highs and crippling lows, to my journey into the Catholic Church in my adult life, and to many adventures across the world. Through all these experiences, God has taught me many profound lessons. I hope you will take these lessons to heart.

In these letters you will find my lens through which I see the world. You will find my thoughts that have been changed by Christ and continue to be changed by Christ. You will find the secrets that have been fuel to my faith. You will find my voice and my love for you. Perhaps this will be the most valuable inheritance I can give to you. Treasure these letters, my beloved son. Spit out the bad, cling to the good. May these letters lead you into a full life in Jesus Christ.


With Unending Love,

 Your earthly father