When January 1st rolls around each year, most people resolve to lose weight, save more money or break a bad habit. But, when 2015 made its debut, Eric Robinson, at age 26, made a different kind of resolution. He decided to write a book. As a lifelong devoted Christian on a long and winding spiritual path, it struck Eric that the kind of book he would write should be one chronicling his own journey, while imparting his experiences in a creative way. And so, Thoughts of a Changed Mind was conceived. The timing of the book came as Eric was going through the transformative experience of offering himself into the Catholic Church. Raised by faithful and loving Christian parents, Eric had long held a deep desire to seek after God, and spent much of his formative years pursuing God through a number of ministries and spiritual homes that fostered his passion for the Lord. Nevertheless, his curiosity and hunger for the knowledge of God slowly, but surely, brought him to St. Peter’s door. He was received into the Church at the Easter Vigil, which, amazingly, fell on his 27th birthday. Eric quickly embraced his Catholic religion, and much of his experience of growing and learning as a new Catholic is reflected in this book.


Apart from his work on this book and his time devoted to prayer and study, Eric loves quoting movies, playing Ultimate Frisbee and enjoying the Great Outdoors. He is a loving son and brother, a gifted business professional, a robe enthusiast, a fierce friend and a child at heart.